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Monday, September 14, 2009


I've been struggling. Over a month ago, I went on a new med to help with an issue I've been having. About the time I started said medication, I began to have nearly daily debilitating migraines. It took me a month to put two and two together and go off the damned med, no kidding. So, the last month has been pretty rough for me. I'm beginning to emerge from the fog now though and life looks good.

Here are some of the things that shine through the fog.

Trip to the Children's Museum (thanks, Larkin!).
Luken dug for dinosaur bones.

And explored the water table.

Drums are fun!

Exploring the "forest" was great exercise.

Luken is old enough now to have a great time at the Children's Museum. He crawls all around as fast as he can, from one thing to another. He completely wore himself out. We gotta go back soon!

There was a full moon

It was so beautiful! I tried to take pictures of it. I really want a fancy new digital camera that I can change the settings on and put expensive lenses on. Someday, when I'm rich . . .


We went to the Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge. We took Sam (before she left for her new home), Rhys, and our sweet boy. I love walking around there. There is so much to see and it feels so peaceful.

I wanted to take more pictures than Luken did.

We had a good time. Kara and I used to go there often before we got married. We chose our name partly because we like bird watching. I go there sometimes during the week with just Luken. It's a good day when I see a great blue heron.


Yes, I am addicted to cloth diapers This is general knowledge by now. I am not ashamed. I bought some new (to me) diapers.

I bought these 4 from Nature Boy. Two Large Fuzzi Bunz and 2 OS BG AIO's!

I had to buy this bug dipe in honor of my best friend, Daye. Daye is an entomologist. I miss her because she moved away (bummer!).
This one's for you, Daye!

These diapers came from Diaper Swappers. I dunno what kind they are but they are very cool! They are cute, plus, they have the best inserts that snap in.

I like that each one is different.

The Blue Mountain Observatory

Kara and I visited the observatory! It was way, way cool! The getting there was kind of an adventure. We left home at around 7 and went into town for beer ice cream from the Big Dipper.
Luken wasn't sure what we were doing going somewhere at bedtime.

After ice cream, we drove up, around, up, around, and up on a dirt road, 13 or so miles to the Blue Mountain Lookout. I drove on the little road because I was less than trusting of Kara's driving and of my ability to keep from puking on the way there. We got there, parked, packed Luken on my back, and hiked to the observatory. We waited and Luken screached. We got to see Jupiter, beautiful marbled Jupiter! Wow! It was amazing!

There was a clusterfuck trying to leave though. Some colossally shortsighted individual parked in such a manner than nobody could leave. After about 45 minutes, we were finally able to begin inching our way down the mountain and homeward. Even with the exit fiasco, the trip was well worth it. Luken was quite a trooper. I will remember that evening for years to come.

Afternoon walks

Luken and I take an afternoon walk quite often.

The weather is so nice and sunny and warm. We walk all around our little town, often stopping by the fire hall to admire the new building and check on the progress of the construction crew or say hello to whoever is there.

One day, we found a dog. She had titties hanging down and no collar. She came when I called her. I took her home and called around. Nobody had heard of her. I took her to a local kennel. That evening, her owner called to say thank you. She turned out to be a fancy kind of breeding bitch worth lots of money. She was really sweet. I'm glad she found her way home.

In other news - I've been making jam. And harvesting things from the garden - green beans, potatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes. Lots and LOTS of potatoes! I love this time of year!

It's still warm out now (at 11 o'clock at night). I think I'll go gaze at the stars. Goodnight.


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Khourt said...

Great pictures. Looks like it was lots of fun!