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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday at the Park!

On Saturday, we met Family at the park. Present were Jason (Kara's brother), Maggie, (Jason's wife), Tripp (their son), Tiffany (other brother's wife), Elayna (Tiff's kiddo), Bonnie (Kara's mom), Luken, Kara, and myself.

Here is Tripp trying on my hat.

The baby slide was quite a hit. Elayna wanted to slide down with both babies at the same time. I think that all three of them plus the accompanying adults had fun with this.

The swings are Luken's favorite thing at the park. He laughs and laughs when he swings. Tripp wasn't so sure but he warmed up to the swings until they started to put him to sleep. Elayna had fun pushing the babies in their swings.

Auntie Tiff and cousin Elayna brought Luken a birthday present. He had fun pulling the paper out of the bag. The present has since become a new favorite. Here's a picture of Tiff and Luken exploring it together.

Tripp, while a coupla months younger than Luken, has already learned to walk (Luken is not walking by himself yet). It's fun to watch them play together (or next to each other). I wonder what Luken thinks when he sees other little people walking. I wonder if he notices. I wonder if he wishes he walked too. Hmmmm. . .

Someone took this group shot. I think it's funny.

All in all, it was a fun time at the park. I was fun to see family.


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Lara Dorman said...

Very cute pictures! Isaac isn't quite walking yet either. He has taken steps but that's it....not really interested. All in good time I guess... Looks like you had a fun day!