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Sunday, September 20, 2009


I got to play today!

As I posted yesterday, the fire near here blew up.  You can check it out here.

I didn't plan on going out today because I'm so fat and because I can't be gone from Luken for so long.  So I went to the fire hall to clean up from yesterday's open house.

I put away the leftover cake.

After I'd cleaned up the firehouses, I got an assignment!  Another firefighter and I were sent to map the homes along the road at the edge of our district near the fire.  I had a blast!  I didn't see fire but I saw plenty of smoke.

The wind was whipping so fast! 

We ate lunch with a bunch of guys from our department.

Here's a fine example of a fire lunch.

Smoke down low, clouds up high.

The guys looking at the fire.

The guys working hard on structure protection.

 Gordon looking in the mirror.

Gordon and Hugh looking at a map.

Hugh and Vern

Cool shot of dusk.

I had a good day today.  I am dusty and tired and happy.

If you like what I post, let me know.  The pictures are mine.  Please ask me before you take them.



Anonymous said...

That's such a nice photo journal of your day. I'm glad you go out even if you thought you couldn't.

Khourt said...

I love that last shot.. oh and that snack cake looks really yummy lol I hope you had a good day!