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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In His Own Time

Luken and I went to campus today for a bit of business.  Whilst there, I decided to stop by and visit an old professor.  I had a nice visit.  It made me with that I got out more.  I mean, I miss social work.  I don't miss it enough yet to go back to work though. 

After our errands, we went to Larkin's house.  It's fun to watch the boys interact with each other.  Mac, who is a year older than Luken, doesn't understand that Luken doesn't walk yet.  He will see something he wants to do, take Luken's hand, and say, "Yukent, tum here!"  Mac will pull on Luken's hand, Luken plops down onto the floor, and Mac drags him to wherever he wants to go.  It's pretty cute. 

Luken is nearly 14 months old now.  He's not walking yet.  I am trying not to be concerned about that.  Many kids his age walk.  I have to remember that Luken is an individual.  He's his own little person.  He will do things in his own sweet time.  When he's ready, he'll walk.  Actually, I'm not in much of a hurry for him to start walking.  I think that my life will get a whole lot more complicated once he starts walking.


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Khourt said...

Mac sounds so cute.

Dont beat yourself up too much with worry. As you said, things will get more complicated when he is walking! All of mine were late walkers. 15++ months