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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

EEG Instructions

A nurse called yesterday. She wanted to give us pre-procedure instructions for Luken's upcoming EEG.

Beginning at midnight, the night before, Luken may only have clear liquids. After 6 in the morning, he must have nothing, no food, no milk, no water. Nothing.

We are to put him to bed an hour later than usual the night before and get him up at 6 the day of the procedure. They want him to be sleep deprived.

We register at the main desk at 8 in the morning. After a little paperwork, we'll be taken upstairs to the pediatric unit of the hospital. Once there, the doctor will order a sedating medication. The nurse will go over a health history. Luken will be given the sedating medication. 40 electrodes will be attached to his fuzzy head. I hope that the sticky stuff doesn't pull his hair or hurt his sensitive skin. I hope he goes to sleep peacefully and doesn't fight the sedation. They warned me that some children become angry and combative instead of going to sleep. After he is sleeping, they will begin measuring his brain waves. They will measure his brain when he is sleeping, during the transition from sleep to wake, and while he is awake. When they are finished, they'll take the electrodes off his head and let him wake up. After he's alert, they'll bring lunch. When he's eaten, and keeps his food down, we will be discharged.

I am not afraid of the procedure. I am worried about things like Luken's soft hair and sensitive skin. I am worried that he will be somehow traumatized. I want to protect him. I want to hold him and never put him down.



Larkin Kavanaugh said...

you are a good mommy!

montanasnowbaby said...

I am sorry I haven't responded to any of your blogs about this....or your FB message. I can't imagine the feelings you are having. I am sure the times just seems to be dragging until Thursday. *sigh* Hang in there. Don't go to dark places. Just wait until you have facts and then deal with whatever you find out...and of course we all hope it will be nothing but good news. I'm cheering for the 3 of you.