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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today I got Luken up at 545. I gave him a bottle with pedialyte and water. We hung out in the big bed together for a little while. He didn't understand why I'd made him get up so early. We took a bath together and I washed his hair. Then I got him dressed and put him in his crib so that I could eat breakfast without having to eat in front of him since he couldn't eat. I got dressed and we brushed our teeth. I got some of his things together, put on his coat and packed him into the car. Off we went, in the dark of the early morning, to the hospital for his EEG.

Getting to the hospital took a long time. The roads were covered in frozen rain. It took us 30 minutes to get around an accident scene north of Lolo. We made it safely to the hospital only a few minutes late. After checking in, we were taken upstairs to the Pediatric unit and shown to our room. Here is the view from his room.

100_1716 by you.

Once there, Luken was weighed. He weighs 28 pounds and 3 ounces bare naked. The nurse and doctor asked lots of questions and told me what would happen.

While we were waiting for the medicine to come from the pharmacy, Luken enjoyed the balloons and fish in the playroom.

100_1703 by you.

100_1704 by you.

When the medication arrived, it was given to Luken. Within minutes, it began to take affect. Luken began to flop his head around and thrash and flail. It took about a half hour of this before he relaxed into a deep sleep.

The entire time Luken was asleep, he was attached to monitors.

An EKG was done.

We were moved to the adjacent room to begin the EEG.

The tech put BraiNet on Luken to help her to properly position the electrodes.
100_1728 by you.

She first cleaned the skin where the electrodes were going to be places with this scrubby green stuff. Then she put conductive paste on the electrode and pressed that onto Luken's scalp and taped over it.
100_1727 by you.
100_1729 by you.

Only half the electrodes were placed when Luken opened his eyes and said he was hungry. He began to thrash and scream. The nurse got him a bottle and the tech was able to place the remaining electrodes.

He would not be still or calm so the tech could not complete the test. With Luken screaming, they removed the electrodes. All that paste had given him an impressive hair do.

They ordered up lunch for Luken - mac and cheese. He ate it ALL. After awhile, we went home. Luken fell asleep on the way home but then did not want to nap. He thrashed and acted drugged and crazy for a couple hours before he finally fell asleep. Poor kiddo. Since they were unable to complete the test, we have to go back on Monday to try again.



Jennifer Mucha said...

Mmm. I am so sorry! Mommy work is so hard on a good day -- I can't even imagine how strong you are, to be going through all of this. Love on that little boy and I will be praying for you all.

daye said...

Oh my God.
What you all went through today.
My thoughts are with you. I have always admired your love and strength. I'm glad Luken has such great parents. And I'm glad you and Kara have each other.
Take it easy friend.
Love from deep in the heart!