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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today we met with Dr. Tom Swanson. He's an Epileptologist. He read Luken's EEG which showed no indication of seizure activity. He talked to us about the "spells" that Luken has had and gave us a journal to note any further "spells". He ordered an MRI of Luken's brain. The MRI is scheduled for the morning of January 27th. Dr. Swanson said that Luken's "spells" sound like seizures. He does not want to medicate at this point. If the MRI does not show us anything of note and Luken has no further "spells" then we do nothing. If the MRI is clear and Luken continues to have "spells", Dr. Swanson might send us to the Epilepsy unit at Benefis Hospital in Great Falls for an EEG that's done over the period of days rather than minutes. So, there you have it. We still don't know anything. I like Dr. Swanson though. He tells it like it is and he took us seriously. I feel good about our visit.



montanasnowbaby said...

Oh how frustrating...the not having answers is the worst part. I sure hope the MRI will give more answers. :( But on the up side, no news isn't BAD news. So YAY for no BAD news!!!! Keep us posted...I am anxious for your little family!!!!

Larkin Kavanaugh said...

don't think of it as no news. think of it as starting the ruling out process.