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Sunday, December 2, 2012


A very kind woman gave me 3 tickets to the annual Nutcracker (or variation of such) at our wonderful small town Performing Arts Center.  And, who better to take than my charming rosie cheeked boy?  (And my wife, of course.)  We prepped and primed him so he'd know what to expect.  Then we got all washed and changed and ready for "the show"!.  Luken was so excited to go that, if he'd have had it his way, we'd have arrived at the PAC an hour before the doors even opened. 
See, isn't he just the most handsome date ever?  

He did VERY well at the ballet!  He sat quietly (or mostly sat mostly quietly) very interested and intent through the entire performance!  He got hungry and that was distracting to him but he didn't want to go out because they wouldn't "freeze" the show for him.  So he watched.  Wide eyed.  Completely enthralled.  

When intermission came, and Luken finally did get to go get a bite to eat and stretch his bouncy legs, he left his beloved Brownie to keep his seat warm.  I do believe that Brownie loved the show as well.  

I am so proud.  Both of how well behaved my child was, and at the quality of art expression and dance that we were treated to.  Bravo, Ballet Bitterroot.  Bravo!


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