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Thursday, December 20, 2012

So Blessed!

Today was pick up day. 
The day when all the hungry people
in the valley
arrive at the designated location
to receive their 
Christmas food box.  

It's a big day. 

The doors opened at 10:30 
but like many others, 
I was waiting in line just after 9. 
It wasn't too cold.  It was windy. 
And everybody was happy.  

We shared stories,
ups and downs.  
We recalled Christmases past 
and talked about our hopes for the future.  

By the time the doors opened at 10:30, there were probably close to 75 
people waiting excitedly in line. 

They let us in, 3 at a time.  
Santa met each of us at the door with a hug. 
After we got checked in, 
a coupla high school classes 
and several pairs of missionaries
were there to carry our box and bird
to our car for it. 

Have you ever seen hundreds of frozen turkeys in piles like this?
I haven't. 

And I bet by the time they closed their doors this afternoon, 
every single box and every single bird
had been given away. 

After I picked up our Christmas food box, 
I headed to a local church
to fetch Luken's Share Tree goodies.  

I was welcomed into the church by 3 girls handing out cookies.
In addition to a giant black trash bag of gifts for Luken, 
I got to pick a few other gifts for my family. 
I chose a brand new football, 
a very sort blanket, 
and a new backpack.  

Every table had cookies and ornaments on it
and we were encouraged to take as many as we could carry. 

The kitchen smelled of several different kinds of hot soup. 
I had some cheesy potato and it was perfect for warming me up.

All the helpers there were kind and warm and happy.  
I wish I could better depict what I was part of today.  

I feel so, so blessed.


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