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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning Joy

On the night of Christmas Eve, 
Luken slept with us in our bed. 
This was for our own sanity 
(and safety).

When we let him get up
at such a time we were sure there would be no more sleep
(still prior to 6:00), 
he ran into the living room 
where our tree is 
and shouted, 
"Santa brought me big boy legos!
Santa brought me big boy legos!"

And, indeed, Santa had. 

About the time Luken successfully pulled the ribbon off the legos, 
he noticed the Christmas sock he'd so carefully laid out the night before. 

It had CANDY in it!  
Now, you might recall that
Luken is on the GAPS diet. 
No sugar! It's a big deal.  
Kara made him special candy out of 
honey, peanut butter and salt. 
He was so excited!

Then there was the excitement of
unwrapping the gifts.

The football that I picked out for him
at the Sharing Tree event was a hit!

"Can I kick it now?"

The monster trucks are a favorite too. 
He told me they'll be the first thing
that he takes to school to share
with his friends. 

Kara enjoyed her gifts from Luken.
(And so did Luken.)

Thanks to many kind folks, 
there were lots of cool gifts
for Luken to open.  
This "!yellow!digger!" was from the 
shoppe owner at Big Sky Toy Room.
Thank you!

Yes, I know that Christmas isn't all about opening gifts. 
But let's face it, when you're four years old, 
or when you parent a four year old,
Christmas is all about opening gifts. 

I hope yours was as fun as ours was!


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