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Friday, December 7, 2012

Look How High!

I was in the kitchen preparing food for my child when I heard, 
"Mommy, I need you."
I knew he'd been out in the back yard with Kara so I wasn't too concerned. 
Again, "Mommy, I need help!"

Okay.  I wash and dry my hands and patter outside
in my sock. 
On the deck, I look over, and a little up
and see my son, higher than deck high
in a tree, still climbing!

"Wow, you climbed way up there!"  I say.  
"What do you need help with?"

"Mommy, I need help getting down.  I am stuck so I climbing higher."
Indeed.  I couldn't reach him from the ground. 
I couldn't reach him from his plastic climbing toys. 
I couldn't reach him from the lower branches. 

"Luken, stop climbing!"

"Mommy, hurry up.  It's getting nighttime and then it will be dark and I am cold.  I am not a bat like Stellaluna.  And I am not a bird.  Can you get me down?"

"Yes, Love.  Don't be afraid.  I'm going to get you down.  You stay where you are and I will help you."

Luke and I worked together to get him down out of the tree. 
 He remained calm and I talked him down. 
"Put your foot behind you and reach it down. Good. 
There is a good handle branch nest to your shoulder.  Grab that with your hand. 

Step by step he did what I told him to do until he was down far enough
I could reach him by standing on his climbing structure. 
By the time I had him in my arms, his little body was shaking.  
I could tell he was scared.  I knew he was cold.  
I gave him a big hug and took him inside for a warm bath where we talked about safety. 

I love that Luken is adventurous.  I love that he tries new things.  
And I'm proud of him that he realized he needed help. 
And even more proud that he remained calm enough to let me help him.  
I have an amazing kid!  


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