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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Small Town Christmas

Every year, the little town down the road
from our little town
has a 
Christmas celebration. 

The thoroughfare is closed off
and everybody comes out
to walk down Main Street
singing carols.

When the procession gets to the center of town
(marked by the town's only 4-way stop), 
a great cheer rises into the air
and all the lights of Main Street
come on at the same time.


All the shoppes are open.
People stroll up and down the sidewalks
happy and sharing jokes and treats.

After the "parade", the highlight of the evening,
for Luken anyway,
is the "sleigh" ride.

There is a warming fire near the street and people line up
near it to wait their turn. 

The wagons have seats of hay covered in old quilts
and are decorated with bells and lights.

Beautiful Clydesdale horses pull the wagons. 
The same pairs of horses each year. 
They are gentle and slow and warm
And all decked out in their finest yokes
with bows and lights and bells. 

This year, it was cold.  
And windy.
Friendly strangers snuggled together under the quilts, 
singing carols.

In spite of the cold and wind and snow,
we stood in line twice
and enjoyed two
hay rides. 

We all had a blast!
Can't wait to do it again next year. 


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