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Sunday, March 10, 2013


That's tonight's crazy stupid low blood sugar level.  Seriously, what the fuck?  39?  How can I get that low and not know it?  Yes, I feel quite like crap, and will continue to feel quite like crap even as the level rises.  Am I so used to feeling quite like crap that I don't notice it anymore.  When it's low like that, nothing feels real to me and that's the biggest thing that I notice.  But when it's low, I can't seem to put the "nothing feels real" experience together with the "crazy low blood sugar" fact.  Brain offline.  

Food with long lasting carbs, fat and protein.  Then bed. 

Hey, what's up with this time change?  It sucks!  Arizona, Huterites  and cows are on to something.  Maybe I shoulda been a cow. 


1 comment:

wildwomanjd said...

Yes, I think being a cow wouldn't be all bad. Look where they get to spend the summer. I'd like that.