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Sunday, March 10, 2013

I wish . . . for my church to stick its neck out for me

I am so lucky.
I attend a really neat church.
They say that all are welcome there. 
And really,
all are. 

And, at the same time,
there is reserve.
There is a certain 
or effort
to not 
"rock the boat".

I feel at home there. 
The people love me.
And I wish for more.

I wish they would take a stand.
A risk.

I think, that, not too far back,
they did. 

And I think that it tore them apart. 
They are still healing. 

I am a lesbian. 
And I yearn for my family to be
accepted fully,
just as other families
are accepted.

The church I attend
really is supportive.
And sometimes
I don't think it's fair
to ask for more. 

But I want more. 

Sometimes, during the church service,
a pop song 
that is relavent to the topic
of the day
is shared. 

I want them to
one day
be brave,
take a risk,
and share this song
during church.


1 comment:

Brenda Satrum said...

I hear your longing. I love you. It's fair to ask. I don't know when, or how, we'll answer. I wish I did. But I won't forget.