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Friday, March 1, 2013


For me, watching cows
is relaxing.
It's like listening to Mozart.
Or sitting next to a burbling stream.

Cows are slow and methodical.
They are predictable. 
They like same-ness.

They like to be fed at the same time each day
by the same people
in the same truck
wearing the same coat.

And if, you're different
or in a different truck
with a different coat,
cows are not sure of you. 

Certainly not sure
of a little boy
who is never quiet
and never still.

He sure is cute though, 
isn't he?

Cows don't like hands.
Maybe they're on to something. 

I visit the cows up the road from us at least once a day. 
I'd like to think that they know me by now,
that I'm part of their "regular".

They're sure part of my "regular".
I park my car in the same spot.
I sit in the same spot on the new spring grass.
And I watch.
And, slowly, I relax. 


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