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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Boo-tay Ba-lay

I packed up the kiddo and went to booty ballet today. I worked hard. Dripped sweat all over the place. Gross. Luken LOVES that class. He crawls all over, flirts with everybody there. Climbs on Larkin, the teacher, and me. He licks the wall and dances to the music. He always naps well on booty ballet days. I, on the other hand, just hurt. I swear, I work so hard in that class I could cry.

Today I am particularly sore. I have a hurt place on my chest and on my knee from stupidly (Larkin was right) moving heavy furniture all by myself yesterday. And the migraine - what the fuck is up with that? I know I'm on my period but really? A migraine since Monday? Enough already! Maybe I just haven't had enough chocolate yet. Ha, and I wonder why I'm not seeing huge results from all my yoga and dancing and working out and sweating.

I did a little Christmas shopping today. I'm starting to get excited about Christmas. And apprehensive as well. Kara and I supposedly trade every other year - her family/my family. Each year, Larkin cooks a lavish Christmas dinner. I mean 9 courses, each paired with it's own wine, served over several hours. I want to go. I don't see my family very often. I miss them. Kara sees her family more often. We should do Christmas dinner at Larkin's. Even though we did last year. And the year before that. And yes, the year before that too. Each year, Kara and I fight over our Christmas plans. I just don't want to fight. I want dinner at Larkin's. And I don't want to go to Great Falls. I don't care if we spend Christmas Eve with Kara's family or Christmas morning and early afternoon. That's good. But I want to have Christmas dinner at Larkin's. Even though it's not my turn. I'm selfish.

I am excited about Christmas though. I like thinking about what gifts I'm going to give. I like "shopping" online for gifts for Luken. Last year, I was just depressed and wanted nothing to do with Christmas. This year (so far) I'm all excited.

Ok, I'm going to go medicate my headache. I should be getting ready for fire training but I'm not.


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