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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's Been A Week

Luken has been sick. He's getting better now but it's been a long haul. Poor guy had the flu (probably h1n1 but not confirmed - why pay money for a test, sick is sick, huh?). Then, because his immune system was worn out from fighting the virus, he got pneumonia and an infection in both ears. We're halfway through our second round of antibiotics now. His poor but is red and sore but he is acting like his ears are better and his cough is LOTS better. I'm so glad he's finally on the mend. It was so hard when he was sick.

I'm on my period now. I feel like I'm bleeding to death. I wear a cup and I've filled it to overflowing in a short time. To top it off, I have a migraine (which is why I'm awake right now in the middle of the night - can't sleep, hurt too much). Ugh.

I'm struggling with depression. I'm in the depressed time of my cycle. The days are getting shorter. I know it will get better.

I live in a pig stye. I hate it. I try to keep my home clean and I can't. I get so overwhelmed. And, unless she's feeling guilty, Kara doesn't help much. Lately, she's been trying harder and that is a huge help. We are both slobs. I don't know where to start. I am trying to get rid of things we no longer use. I am careful not to throw or give away Kara's things. I need help with storage and organizing.

Luken's room is the easiest for me. I spend lots of time in there. It's nice and comfortable. I worked hard to make it that way and I want to keep it that way. The energy is good. It's not overcrowded with furniture. It feels good. I need to make some changes in his room though. The piece we are using as a changing table is an antique. Luken is starting to bang on it. I need to take it out of there so he doesn't ruin it. I need something to house the things that the changing table currently houses. I also need something to contain his toys. I'm thinking that a large solid book shelf would work well. Hmmmm. . . Or maybe the entertainment center from downstairs. I need to measure that and see if it will still look nice with the doors off. Hmmmm. . . that is a good idea. That will be my tomorrow's goal. Measure that. Measure the space. Figure out the doors. I'll ask for Kara's help to move it. I'm excited about that now. Silly me.

Now, if the damn migraine would only go away, I could go to sleep.

If anybody reads this shit, don't be worried if I don't make a whole lot of sense. It's after midnight and I've taken meds for the migraine so I am kinda dopey and in pain.

I want a snack. I'm not hungry. I just want to eat. There is something comforting about eating. I want crunchy. And I want honeycomb.

These migraines make me angry. I feel helpless. I can go on topomax to try to prevent them. I'm terrified of that drug. I've seen it do horrid things to people. My doc wants me to try it. I am pretty sure that lots of my migraines are hormone related. So, fix the hormones. How? Lose weight. I'm working on that. Eat better. Wow, lots of work there.

Oh, here's a cool bit of TMI. I had a really deep and painful zit on my neck. I popped it and it just got worse. It hurt crazy! I decided to try something. I got a q-tip and put a dab of honey on it. I put the honey on the zit and covered it with a waterproof bandaid. In the morning, I took the bandaid off and the space underneath the waterproof backing was filled with green puss. Gross, huh? But the puss wasn't in my skin anymore. Nope. It was all out of my body. I washed the spot and today, it's nearly healed. It only took less than 24 hours. How cool is that, eh?

Alright, I know. I really should go to bed. Sometimes I just don't know when to stop.



daye said...

That entertainment center's going to be kick ass in the nursery! Just think of all the cloth diaper related stuff and/or cool toys you will be able to cram in there!
That nursery is so awesome already, love that blue color and the homemade quilt wall hangings, perfect.
As for the rest of the house. Fuck it. Seriously. You are lucky to have a partner who is mellow about that. Jeff is a total Nazi about it. Makes him feel like his going to fall apart when there are too many dishes in the sink. He gets it from his parents. I think that's why they only had 1 kid. which brings me back to my point (love it when that happens) forget having a clean house until your kid is older. Like going to kindergarten and regularly sleeps through the night and I mean ALL night. Then you can think about may be having a clean house. But of course there will need to be at least one room that Luken can be messy in.
And Heidi, Luken's been really sick! what do you expect a mama to do?
Just make sure you don't live in a situation with mold, rats or roaches. Words to live by.
Love you!

Larkin Kavanaugh said...

ewwwww! honey on a zit huh. so gonna try that. thanks.

montanasnowbaby said...

LOVE the zit story. Totally gross and nasty and INTRIGUING!!!!

I agree with Daye - forget the house. You have a toddler you are running after all the time and he has been sick. Give yourself a break!!! Make sure the 3 of you are healthy and happy and the rest will not matter as much. (I know, it is hard to do...I am preaching at myself here, too.) Sometimes I read your blogs and wonder if I actually wrote them. It is freaky how much we are alike in our thinking.

I'm sorry about the migraines. That would be VERY frustrating to live with. So again...GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK!!!!