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Monday, October 19, 2009

Good Lord, it's Monday.

It was a long day today. I spent nearly the ENTIRE day sitting in the rocking chair rocking my sick baby. He just flopped there in my arms and moaned or grunted or whined all day. Poor guy.
Went to the doc. Didn't test for h1n1 because Luken is 5 days into whatever virus he has so it really doesn't matter what virus it it. His lungs are clear. I'm relieved about that. He has a rough sounding cough. The doc sent us home with antibiotics to fight any secondary infection (such as bacterial pneumonia) that he might get because his immune system is compromised by fighting the virus. The doc said that we should see marked improvement in the next day or two. I hope he's right.

It's quite exhausting, doing nothing but sitting in a chair rocking. More than physically exhausting, it's emotionally exhausting. It's so hard to see my baby sick and not be able to fix it.

I have a yoga class tonight. I'm simply too tired to go. I don't feel like it's a cop out. I feel like it's self care.


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