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Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am so tired. I just want to sleep from now until tomorrow morning. Luken got up in the middle of the night and played for about 3 hours. Cute to listen to but I surely couldn't sleep through it. I am so tired today. All the pain I live with 24/7 is harder to handle when I'm tired.

I went to booty ballet today. I'm proud that I went. My sister came too. It was fun to see her but I was kinda embarrassed at what a beached whale I am. I swear, we're adults now. Why must there still be competition between us, even if it's just in the dark recesses of my mind? She is thin and strong and beautiful. I am fat and fat and fat. Ugh.

There is a quote at the end of a movie that is lodged in my head. I don't remember it but I want to. Hmmmm. . . . That made absolutely NO sense whatsoever.



Larkin Kavanaugh said...

fffhhhhh! that is me breathing through my nose at you. you are doing something that many many people never do. it takes courage to step out side of your comfort zone. you are better for the experience and growing stronger because of it. we compete because we are sisters. but we are good at different things so i think we are better as a team.

daye said...

Hey Girl, it's so funny to hear you talk about yourself this way, when i think you are beautiful and smart. The coolest person ever. I would LOVE to be you! [but w/out all the pain, sorry :(]
Anyway, it's the sleep deprivation thanks making life seem unbearable I promise, if you can just get a bit more snooze time (easier said than done I know) you'll feel better.
also, i agree with Larkin, it takes a lot of guts to go to dance class! I don't think I would be so brave. I don't swim or dance cause I'm self conscious about my fat, hairy body. I've worn the same 5 nursing tanks for 14 months! (alone when it's hot, under shirts and sweaters when it's cold because I don't want anyone to see my belly or back when I have to breast feed. How bout them apples!