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Friday, November 13, 2009


I've been wanting a different car. I want a car that can get all the way up to Larkin's house in the winter. So I bought a 1995 Subaru Legacy AWD L. It's a pretty green station wagon. 5 speed. I likey! I paid 2k for it. I bought it on Saturday. Picked it up and dropped it off right away at the tire shop for new tires, alignment and bearings on one of the rear wheels. I picked it up at the tire shop yesterday.

It was all wonderful winter and snowy here yesterday. Great test for my new pretty green car. It drove great! Really stuck to the road. I loved it! It drove all the way up Larkin's driveway.

When I got to Larkin's house, I proudly showed my car off to her husband. He admired it with appropriate vigor. Then Larkin and I packed up our babies and took off on a snowy hike. On our way home from the hike, her husband came driving down the road to pick up Kanon from school. He stopped and rolled down his window and stuttered that uh. . . he was really sorry . . . he'd backed in to my car. Huh? Yes, indeed, he had backed in to my pretty green car. Well, shit.

Today I took the car to a coupla body shops for estimates. Any guesses on the damage? $1450!

What am I going to do? They've offered to pay for it. But really now . . . I paid 2k for the car and put 600 into it right away. Now another 1400? The car is only worth about 2500 dollars. (Less now). I don't know. If they give me cash, I think I'll spend some to replace the emergency brake assembly ($230) and install a child tether ($60) and put the rest in savings. I'll drive (and love ) the car through the winter and then sell it in the spring. I'll try to sell my other car (Fyrfli) now and save that money and then buy a better car in the spring. A red one. People see that color and don't run into it.

My poor car. It's dinged up. Oh, I know it wasn't perfect when I bought it but it looked pretty good. I'm bummed but hey, what am I gonna do. It's all pretty comical, really.

I really like that it sticks to the road. I like that I can drive it all the way up to Larkin's house. I like that it's a 5 sp.

So, there's the story on my new car. Better luck next week, little car.


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mama-san said...

I heard you were more likely to get ticketed in a red car, and least likely in white cars and trucks.
Any cop that sees your sturdy green station wagon will say, oh I won't ticket her, look at all she's been through! :)