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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Visit From Jerry, Julie and Jonkle

I am a member of an online community of women who were all pregnant at the same time and who were all due in July of 2008. Our group has mascots. The are Jerry the Firefly, Julie, a butterfly, and Jonkle, a moose. The Bugs, as we call them, travel all around the world having adventures. Here is Luken's account of part of their visit to Montana.

100_1118 by you.
We got a box in the mail. It was addressed to Luken. Oh, what's in there? A cup!

100_1119 by you.
Can I drink out of it?

100_1120 by you.

100_1124 by you.
What is this? It's Jerry and Julie!

100_1125 by you.

100_1121 by you.
I think I like them.

100_1122 by you.
They brought a friend. He is a Moose named Jonkle. I think I'll take a nibble.

100_1123 by you.
They don't taste very good.

100_1126 by you.
Jerry sat on my shoulder. Maybe he was trying to tell me a secret.

100_1137 by you.
Bath time! Jerry and Julie got a bath in the sink while I got a bath in the tub.

100_1153 by you.
Tiny Tales at the library. We listened to stories and sang songs.

100_1156 by you.
This is my mom and me with our new friends. We're going for a hike up Larry Creek. Mom takes me out of the pack so I can practice walking.

100_1176 by you.
Jerry, Julie and Jonkle can practice walking too.

100_1230 by you.
Mommy took us to a basket ball game. We thought it was lots of fun.

100_1233 by you.
We especially liked the marching band.

100_1234 by you.
I help Mommy with the laundry. Jerry, Julie and Jonkle were helping too but you can't see them because they're lost in the clean towels.

100_1252 by you.
We went to visit Paul. He's our pharmacist. I really like Paul. He teaches me fun things like "high 5" and "knucks".

100_1253 by you.
After I went to bed one night, Mommy took our company to the fire hall. I like to go to the fire hall too but I was too tired to come along this time. The people there are nice to me. Here Jerry, Julie and Jonkle are hanging out on the pump panel of one of the pumper trucks.

100_1254 by you.
They looked at a fire extinguisher.

100_1255 by you.
The fire extinguisher was strapped to the back of a big truck.

100_1256 by you.
Can you find them?

They were hiding in the dump spout of the water tender.

100_1258 by you.
Here, they are checking out one of the ladders on the truck.

100_1259 by you.
They were excited to climb into the truck and peek out the front window.

100_1262 by you.
Showing off.
100_1263 by you.
Perched on a hose reel.

100_1264 by you.
Wow, this hose is kinda dirty!

100_1265 by you.
Taking a rest on Mommy's helmets.

Jerry and Julie are packing now to continue on to the next place. It sure was fun having them for a visit! Travel safe, friends.


daye said...

THAT, my friend was SUPER cute! I loved all those pictures so much. Luken in the towels is especially great. And the toys at the fire station was awesome too, of course. I want a copy of Kara and you on the trail. I'm going to look at those photos again, now.
However, a moose is not a bug. lol! :)

daye said...

So anyone reading this blog should know what an amazing friend and generous person HBK is! But just in case you don't, get a load of the amazing care package she sent me!!!
So I get home from getting lost in a Tokyo subway station to a package from Montana! I open it up and wonderous treats and gifts come bursting out almost!

I had 2 boxes of Annies Mac n cheese, flu medication, super fancy organic baby butt creams, a haba wooden xylophone, much needed organic spices, cranberry/ pecan granola, and lots of pretty new toddler clothes. And here's the kicker, inside each box of delicious annies mac n cheese were 3 super fancy and rich chocolate bars!!!!! It's a kick ass care package no matter where you live but here in Japan it's like opening up a box and a rainbow shooting out.

What a pick me up! It was too amazing not to share with as many people as possible!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!