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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gotta Love Naps

I love Luken's nap time. Sometimes I feel guilty about how much I like it. Today during first nap, I worked on my business. And I packaged up a box to send to Japan (that took a LONG time to do). And I got myself ready for the day. Yay!

Luken (sort of) took a second nap today as well. He usually just takes one nap now. I tried for a second nap because Kara and I had hopes of attending the Lady Griz game.

We did go to the Lady Griz game. It was so much fun! The Lady Griz won! Luken was quasi fussy throughout the game. When he wasn't fussing though, he was having fun with the band and chasing his ball.

Anyway . . . I'm trying hard to talk my head out of a headache. I don't think it's working. Going to bed.


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