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Monday, November 9, 2009


Being on a diet is hard. I'm finished with my juice thing. I still have juice that I need to drink and I will. It's really yummy.

I'm trying so hard to be healthy. I walked with Luken on my back today. I drank my juice. I ate well. And now Kara is sitting next to me eating Doritos. Damn, I want some. Nope. I need to be healthy. For myself. For my son. I want to be around for him for a long long time. I need to get into shape and lose weight. I need not to give up. I need encouragement.



montanasnowbaby said...

Oh Heidi - I know how hard that is when you are on a roll and you've decided to do the healthy thing, and your partner isn't doing the same, and they don't realize how hard it is when someone in the same house is eating all the things you really, really want to be eating!!! :( I really want to be healthy, as well. I know what you mean...except you are actually DOING it. I haven't jumped the line yet. Wish we lived closer so we could encourage each other daily and exercise together, etc.

daye said...

C'mon KARA!

As for you Heidi, you should move to Japan, bring your blender with you though. Then when someone sends you a care package you can be all pissy like me and say, "what? no dorritoes!"

Jennifer Mucha said...

You go girl! You can do it. There is some dark chocolate (my favorite) in my cupboard calling my name. I'll ignore it ... if you ignore those stupid doritos!!!! :-)

Larkin Kavanaugh said...

the first months is the hardest. then you have a new habit formed and it get easier. i would like to walk with you and luken on wednesdays. that would be nice. maybe we could meet in the middle (blue mtn?) i will bring apples and cheese.