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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big Tires

Last night at the fire hall, I used tools like these

To work on tires like these

I checked the air pressure in these.

I helped put brand new steering tires on one of our type 3 engines. First, we removed the tires from the truck. We pulled the cores out of the valve stems so the tires would go flat. Then we removed the old tires from the wheels. I prepared the new tires by putting thick soap around the bead of each tire on both sides. Then the naked wheels got the new tires. I just watched this part. After the new tires were on the wheels, they got a dose of Tire Life each and I learned how to seat the tires. Then the core went into the valve stems and I aired the tires up to 100 pounds.

Then the tires were ready to go on to the truck.

No, I did'nt do all that myself. In fact, mostly I watched. But I did air the tires and check the air pressure. And I ran and got stuff. I learned a lot. It was fun.