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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mother of the Year Award

I don't think either of Luken's moms won it this year.

On Tuesday, I dropped Luken off at Kara's work so she could watch him while I attended a business meeting. As is typical for Luken, he was noisy and active and Kara ended up leaving work early. We go through the evening with Luken being more fussy than usual. Bedtime came and we put him to bed. But Luken didn't sleep well. He fussed. He thrashed. He crash-banged. And when he finally did fall asleep, he didn't stay asleep. He was fussy ALL night! I was at my wit's end!

Today, Kara and I were talking about what we give Luken for snacks. She mentioned that she'd given him a bag of endurance cubes as a snack. What! Each bag contains 2 servings. Each serving contains CAFFEINE in the form of green tea. Enough CAFFEINE that I won't eat them in the afternoon. No wonder poor Luken was fussy and irritable. No wonder he didn't sleep. My poor baby!

And for MY mother of the year award? Well, I was working on the laundry today. Luken was climbing up and down the stairs. He's getting pretty good at it. So I left him halfway up the stairs and went to put the diapers from the washer into the dryer. I hear "thud, thud, thud, thud . . .silence . . . waaaahhh!". OMG! My baby fell down the stairs! He fell down the stairs because I left him ON THE STAIRS ALONE. Good grief! My poor baby.


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