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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Pager: blah blah blah. Medical stage. blah blah blah. Shots fired.

It's midnight and well below zero.

From our homes scattered over the district, we drag ourselves from our warm beds and pull on jeans over long johns and shove stockinged feet into cold boots. We coax frozen cars to life.

And we gather.

We gather in the darkness, ready for whatever we will find. We gather and we wait.

Sirens of Law Enforcement Officer's cars go blaring past. We gather and wait.

You are over there. I am over here. In the dark, we do not see each other. We have gathered.

Radio: Per Law Enforcement on scene, you may cancel.

We come into the light and then we go, each to our own home. We gaze upon our sleeping children and we crawl into bed next to our warm and sleeping husbands, wives and sweethearts.



1 comment:

daye said...

I love the writing of this post.

Thanks for all you do. I don't appreciate enough all that police people and fire fighters do to keep their communities safe. I mean, I do when something big happens. B/c that's noisy and obvious and noticeable. But there are a lot of little (and big) sacrifices that remain unknown except by the people that endure them.

Thank you.