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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Food Log for Tuesday

Food diary for Tuesday, Dec. 8

Blood Pressure, 127/82

Meds: 400 – phenergan
1000 – cymbalta
1930 - cymbalta

1000 multivite
Blood pressure health
Brain health
Fruits and veggies

0030 - 2 pc bread torn up with peanut butter and honey in a bowl with milk. Feelings: hungry, bored, hyper.
600 – coffee with cream. Feelings – pissed at kara. Hungry.
1000 – oatmeal with protein powder and honey. More coffee. Feeling: cold, hungry, irritated with kara
1240 – xs and turkey jerky. Feelings: tired, headache, irritated with kara. Happy that the sun is shining. Not really hungry.
1400 – 2 c whole milk hot cocoa. Feelings: cold. Headache. Nauseated. Frustrated. Tired.
1900 – garden burgers in piecrust. Feelings: headache. Cold. Irritated with kara.

Positives - I was active for an hour or so on a fire tonight. Yay for activity!


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mama-san said...

wouldn't want to be Kara right now! ;)
but I'm sure she understands.