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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Such a Charming Child

Well, I have learned that Luken does NOT like sleeping at G'ma's house.

An old friend of mine passed last week and so I drove four hours across the mountains with Luken in order to attend the funeral. I stayed at my mom's house. I put Luken to bed in his pack and play in the guest room. After a few minutes of crying, I noticed that the origin of the noise had changed. I went to the top of the stairs to see him doing the zombie walk toward me. He'd managed to climb out of his bed and was on his way to find me. Poor baby was so scared. He was shaking so hard. I felt so bad for him. He wasn't hurt, just scared.

After I calmed him down, I tried to put him back to bed. Ha ha ha! He spent the next FOUR hours crying and screaming and carrying on. OMG! After he FINALLY wore himself out and fell asleep, he woke about every 40 minutes ALL night for another go-round with the crying. OMG!

At the funeral, he spent most of his time screeching or throwing tantrums. Awesome!

He slept the ENTIRE 4 hour drive home. I sure hope he sleeps tonight.


1 comment:

daye said...

Thank you for posting this and being so honest.

I have TOTALLY been there and will be there again I'm sure!

It's so hard to hear them scream and cry, but sometimes it has to happen.

My sympathies!