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Monday, December 7, 2009

Food Log for Monday

Food diary for Monday, Dec. 7

Weight: 220
Blood Pressure: 152/87

Meds: 10 am cymbalta
10 am Nexium
12 pm phenergan
12 pm lortab
4 pm lortab
5:30 pm lortab

Supplements: multi vitamin
3000 iu D3
2 CoQ10
1 Mag
2 Blood pressure health
2 Brain health


1 AM – ½ meal shake. Feeling: tired
3 AM – large bowl of cheerios with huge glop of peanut butter and 3 tablespoons sugar and milk. Feeling: sick.
10 AM – sweet coffee. Feeling: headache and upset stomach
1230 PM – ½ meal shake. Feeling: hopeless and afraid.
1400 nutri noodles with butter and curry seasoning. Feelings: a little more hopeful. Hungry. Sad.
1600 – blueberries. Feeling: Happy because I was sharing them with luken.
1640 - 2 squares of dark chocolate. Feeling: in pain and useless and frustrated.
1730 – bowl of home made chili and cheese. Feelings. Proud of the chili. Frustrated.
1750 – 2 cups hot chocolate. Feelings: pissed at kara. What a bitch she is to me.

Positives - I worked hard not to be judgmental of what I did or did not eat.


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