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Sunday, January 20, 2013

And Yet . . .

The thermometer read 4 degrees F when I left the house this morning. 
The snow had that certain "cold crunch" that is familiar to those of us who
live in cold climates.
It's deep winter here in western Montana. 
Mid to late January, 
everything is in a deep freeze.

And yet . . . 

If you look closely, 

You'll notice the swelling
of the buds

In the huge white naket cottonwood trees. 

And, in the now frozen wet places,
the red twig dogwood
branches are suddenly blood red
with the promise of spring
pulsing color up through their beings
from roots that remember.

And in ditches and along fences,
the golden willows
are nearly glowing.

Yes, it's winter.  
It can be cold.
It can be harsh.
And, in the things that grow here,
there is the promise of spring. 
The anticipation that,
on a still distant horizon,
spring will come.



Kim said...


Heidi said...

Kim, thanks. Good to see you yesterday even if we didn't get a chance to say hi. I was freezing cold and just focused on being finished.

wildwomanjd said...

I do like it, Heidi. I saw buds on the Bur Oak on the boulevard yesterday. I mean to stop and examine it more closely. While it is still quite wintery, the aspen will bloom.

Brian Parks said...

Nice little winter musing, Heidi! Would it be uncivil of me to remind you just how far off Spring actually is? Yes, it would be uncivil. So i won't go there and instead i will announce it is only 11 days til Groundhog's Day! That's a number we can all grasp. 11 days! And why is that so special? Groundhog's Day is also Lamas, the cross quarter, half way between Solstice and Equinox, exactly mid-winter, but in the Celtic, it's the first day of Spring!