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Friday, January 25, 2013

Nelson and Luken haul in wood for the garden

Here are some turkey tracks.  
I have a 16 year old friend who informs me that "derp" is 
an appropriate response when someone says something that is 
abundantly obvious. 
Sort of like "Duh".  But not. 
I guess you'd need to be 16 years old to understand this fully. 

You'll notice that there is also a tire track.  

Since our truck is not running, 
we borrowed Nelson. 
Nelson is a polite little truck. 
Nelson has good manners. 
Nelson is my favorite vehicle of all the vehicles 
I am privy to borrow. 

We're collecting wood
for a new

The pile we worked on today was only 
several blocks from our home.  
We were able to move
three loads from the worksite
into our back yard. 

As you can see, 
we had help. 

Apparently all that helping
makes a young boy thirsty.

And silly. 

I had a headache this afternoon.
But nevertheless,
it felt good to work hard. 

And seeing the huge pile
of wood in our backyard
brings me a sense of pride. 

We have a LOT more word to do 
but today was a good start. 

See, gardening never really stops.
It just looks a little different during the winter. 

Have a good weekend, all. 
Oh, and


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