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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The air is restless tonight. 
The flags show that the wind blows from the south. 
And it's warm. 
Fourty-three degrees an hour ago.
Thirty-three degrees now. 
With a mist of rain. 

It's the kind of night that's
Dry leaves and pieces of paper 
that have been still in ditches
are pushed across the road,
making shadows that might or might not be a deer.

I don't like nights like tonight. 
It feels unsettled. 
I feel unsettled. 
My thoughts are hard to focus
but at the same time, 
they're more focused 
than I'm comfortable with. 

My thoughts,
like the shadows
go "bump" in the night.
And the wind pushes them
around and around and around
until I'm exhausted
and fall into an unsettled


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