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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Gifts They Give

My sister, Larkin
in the period of one week,
has lost both of the family pets. 
One to a strange neuro thing.  
The other to bone cancer. 
One was expected. 
The other was not. 

I feel sad for her.  
It's a lot to lose all at once. 
And the ground is frozen right now
so graves are even harder to dig. 

Thinking about her family
and the loss of their sweet pets
gives me paws to dote on mine.  

So, come along, shall we?  
I'll take you on a tour
of the fuzzy
the clawed
the zany
the wagging
the slobbery fun
and neurosis 
that are my animal family. 

Meet Wailynn.  
Several summers ago, 
while working in my garden,
I heard a God-awful wailing sound. 
It didn't stop.  
I thought it was something dying. 
It took me almost an hour to find it's source. 
A tiny fizzy kitten
In a pile of rubble
in my neighbor's yard.
With a hornets' nest
Grown around the twisted metal
that made up the pile. 

I'm allergic to some sort of stinging thing
So sticking my arm in to retrieve this fluffy kitten
was no small matter.  
But, eventually, retrieve her I did. 
She became ours. 
And she grew.  
Into a 17 pound cat. 
She's moody. 
She's tetched.  
And we love her.  

Meet Fizz Dog.

Coupla summers ago, 
I was sick. 
Very sick. 
I spent months in bed. 
Fizz was a puppy, 
full of energy. 
But he spent hours with me,
In my bed,
Sharing his healing energy with me.

Fizz Dog is still kind of a puppy
And always a love
And kind of dumb.
Today I got home and he was trapped
in our cat house.  
Silly Fizz.

He's a great playing-in-the-woods-dog.  
His Partner In Crime is 


Belle is absolutely beautiful
and absolutely sweet.
She is so tolerant of Luken
and Fizz
and the cats
and me
and the neighbor dogs.
Belle is a gem.

When we're in the woods,
Belle runs
But always returns.
I think she's happiest in the woods.

And, when we're not on the go,
Belle doesn't hesitate to
settle in 
for a good long
We're lucky to have her.

Babette is our black fluffy cat.
She's shy.
And talks to walls.
And sometimes catches mice.
She doesn't really like to have her picture taken. 

We shave her in the summer 
because all that thick black hair
makes her SO hot that she just
goes limp like a 
She's miserable like that and when we do shave her,
she rolls around
and plays like a kitten.  
Silly girl. 

Babette gets along well with all our animal family. 
It's not at all uncommon to find her and Belle curled up together. 
They're both just sweet that way. 

And then there's Anika.
My old Siamese kitty.
With two dozen toes.
And with each toe, a claw. 

Anika is over 20 years old 
and now, she mostly sleeps.
I give her IV fluids when she needs them
and pain shots to keep her comfortable. 
She's welcome to stay here
for as long as she wants to.
And when it's time for her to go,
she knows that's okay too. 

I've had Anika for a long time
and we've been through
a lot together. 

She sleeps next to my head at night
and sometimes, 
I think that her spirit
leaves her body 
and she travels.

Anika is quite tolerant of Luken
and has taught him about being tender
with things smaller
than he is.
She is wise
and I'm proud that
she's chosen to live with us for so long.

And then there's . . . 

Oh, wait!
That's not a dog. 
That's a boy!

Yes, that's my son. 
Who thinks he's a dog. 

Pets are such special
members of peoples' families.
I don't know why they choose to stay with us.
But I sure am glad they do. 


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wildwomanjd said...

Great post, Heidi. I enjoyed every word.