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Saturday, January 5, 2013


What is this stuff?  
Luken got it for Christmas. 
I thought, "Awesome, sensory kid activity, right?"

I guess we'll see. 

One box of the stuff is made with 1 litre of hot water
And makes enough squish
to fill a bread bowl.

A bread bowl?  Really?
The box said "baff".
Which I took to mean "bath".  

So I thought about it for a minute. 
I'd seen this stuff before. 
Somewhere . . .

It's the same goop that comes in disposable diapers!
You know, how when they get wet, 
they get heavy
with some gel-like substance?
That's what this is.

So, being the type of person who thinks 
"more is better", 
I cut up a coupla diapers,
saturate them with hot tap water, 
and squeeze the gel crap into the tub.

This, of course, brings great joy!

Hours of playing commence.  
Luken plays here for at least an hour
which, for him, 
is quite a big deal. 

So much to scoop, measure and plop!

Non staining. 
Non toxic.

The stuff even stayed pretty warm
for the hour or so that 
Luken played in it. 
Although I'm not sure
I want to consider WHY it
may have stayed warm. 
It was diaper gel, after all, wasn't it?

What happens when the fun is over?

Well, turns out that regular old table salt
dissolves this stuff. 

And with a little water, 
it runs right down the drain. 

I sure hope it was okay
for our old 
septic system. 
Time will tell, eh?

In the mean time, 
be squishy!
Experience life with all your senses!


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