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Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a Roast!

Today, I found myself with an abundance of
Wonderful fresh veggies, just begging
to be eaten. 

It's a cool winter day here in western Montana.
What better to do with all these
than roast them?

Not much. 

And it's so easy!

I washed them and cut them 
into similar size pieces. 

Then I arranged them on a foil lined
baking sheet. 
I arranged them so that the colors
were displayed
artfully, artistically, 

From left to right
broccoli, carrots, fennel, beets, brussel sprouts, radishes.

Then drizzled the veggies with
balsamic vinegar
and EVOO.
And sprinkled them 
with sea salt.

See, looks good already!

Then I put them in the oven
at 450 degrees
until they were al dente 
when jabbed at with a fork. 

Loaded up my plate and


All caramelly.  
Is that a word?

And most delicious!  

While I was at it,
I roasted some
little sweet pumpkins too.  

These will be scraped out of their skins,
put in zip lock bags,
and plopped in the freezer. 


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wildwomanjd said...

What a beautiful post! I want some. . .