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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The wild turkeys have come down out of the woods.
They're too funny. 
They hang out in huge flocks of 50 or more. 
And they talk non stop. 

They eat pine nuts.
When it's cold, they fluff up their feathers 
and pull one leg up.
This makes them look even more funny.

If I stand outside and listen during the day
I can tell where they are in my neighborhood. 
But, try as I might, I simply cannot seem
to get a decent picture of them.  
Not one!

Today when Luken and Kara went for their short lunchtime walk,
They took rolled oats for the turkeys. 
I don't know where all the oats ended up. 
They got almost home, to the end of their walk
before they discovered where the turkeys were. 

I looked up to see about 10 of the giant birds flying over our house.
Yes, they can fly.  
They'd been roosting in our Ponderosa
and Luken and Kara frightened them when they came back from their walk. 

We laugh at what happened and Kara and Luken come inside
and take off coats, boots, mittens.
I check in with Kara and notice that Luken is quieter than usual.  
We look to find him "making a turkey trail" of rolled oats
across the living room floor
through the dining room
down the hall
and into his bedroom.

"So the turkeys will know where to find me."
Then he notices that the dogs are feasting on his turkey trail. 
It was difficult to explain to him that the turkeys had to stay outside. 

It was too cute though, watching him sprinkle a little trail of rolled oats for them to follow. 
He's a smart little kid. 

Ok, enough rambling.  Since I don't have a picture for you today, I'll sign off. 



wildwomanjd said...

Oh, that's sweet. He is a smart kid.

Heidi said...

He is smart! And so sweet. I know I'm biased but I really do think he's a great little boy. Special in many ways.