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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's More Fun?

Than doing something crazy
Like taking the family
Swimming on a very cold winter's evening?

Missoula has a very nice indoor pool and water play area. 
There's a zero depth entry pool with a slide
And splashing stuff for little kids.

Mommy, watch me!

Are you watching?

Did you see?

Luken loves to play in the shallows.  
He's beginning to learn how his body feels in water, 
that he's buoyant,
that he can hold his breath, 
blow bubbles, 
roll around and change directions.  

There's also a small open water part that's a bit deeper. 
He can't touch there.  
And there's a short "river"
The water is warm.

But if you do get chilled,
There's a hot tub to hop into. 

In addition to the features Luken enjoyed, there's a lap pool and 2 large water slides and their plunge pool.  It's all connected so you can float from one area to another without having to get out.  If you're ever in Missoula looking for something to do with the family, consider Currents.

When we finished our swim and returned to the locker rooms,
we found that some poor lassie had forgotten her boobies. 
Left them right there on the bench,
all naked and alone.  
Poor boobies. 

Luken thought they were hilarious!  



wildwomanjd said...

Oh , that sounds so fun!

Heidi said...

i'm still laughing about the boobies.