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Friday, January 10, 2014

food journal 1/10/14 (enlightening reading! sarcasm, anyone?)

before breakfast:  82
breakfast of chicken broth, one poached egg, chicken, green beans, butter, coffee, half and half.  headache.  grumble guts
1 hr after eating:  91.  headache.
2 hrs after eating:  93.  headache.  grumble guts
spoonful of ccnut oil/butter/honey "candy"
before lunch:  92.  headache. guts better.  heartburn.
lunch of GAPS ramen (chicken broth, finely shredded napa cabbage), lightly poached egg,. roasted dandelion tea.
1 hr after lunch:  90.  headache.  weather on its way.  heartburn.  anxious.
2 hrs after lunch:  96
snack of 1 cup winter squash, 1 T butter, honey, 2/3 cup whole milk yogurt.  headache.  took 2 lortab and 1 phenergan.  it's worsening and migraine is on top of me.  weather is changing.  sky heavy to the west and south but weather coming from the north west.  worked outside with K to tie things down before the storm.  feeling anxious and overwhelmed.
2 hrs after snack:  88
before evening snack:  80
snack of yogurt, coconut oil and honey.  migraine.  feel anxious and overwhelmed.
bedtime sugar, 2 hrs after snack:  87.  very tired.  heartburn.  tried lemon juice, water and a bit of honey.  i think that helped.  very thirsty but drinking water makes me queasy and makes he heartburn worse.  so, so tired.  can hardly keep my eyes open.

thoughts on the day.
coulda used more protein.  today my protein was chicken, gelatin in broth, 2 poached eggs, yogurt twice.

i worked hard today.  clean a lot.  the kitchen looks nice.  pulled stove apart, cleaned under it, fixed it and put it back.  cleaned the drawer and put kettles away.  didn't think that silly project would take me 2 hours.  but the good part is that i got it done!

head is spinning, feel like i need a bucket next to the bed.  body aches.  going to open my window a crack and put 'puter away and try to sleep.


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