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Friday, January 10, 2014

For the Record

There are a LOT of things that need doing that I have NOT been doing.  They are, some simple, some not so simple things that are part of living every day.  They are part of keeping up my home.  They are part of taking care of myself.  They are part of living in relationship.  They are part of taking care of my family.

In an attempt to see my progress, and also to be accountable, I've made lists of these things I need to be doing.  Might seem like over-kill, listing each little thing.  But if you've lived as I have, always sick, always in pain, in the dark, barely dragging through each day, you'll know that each tiny task is not such a tiny deal.

Every day, I need to:
open my bedroom windows - let the light in
make my bed
take fermented cod liver oil and probiotic with warm water or tea (part of the GAPS thing)
eat breakfast
take my morning meds
brush my teeth
run the dishwasher
wipe down the kitchen counters
wipe out the kitchen sink
sweep the kitchen floor
sweep the living room floor
wipe down the toilet (inside too)
wipe down the bathroom counter and sink
feed the dogs breakfast
let the chickens out and give them food and water, gather the eggs
get a clean dish rag and dish towel in the kitchen
get a clean hand towel in the bathroom
feed the cats
get the dogs fresh water
wipe down the stove
do one load of laundry
take the compost out
feed the dogs dinner
put the chickens to bed
spend quality time with Little Bear
take my evening meds
take a detox bath (it's part of the GAPS thing)
eat lunch
eat dinner with the family
clean each pot or pan when I'm finished using it
track my blood sugar (for now, until it evens out)
give thanks daily (because that's a healthy thing to do)
encourage another person every day (because it's NOT all about me)
do something nice or thoughtful for K every day (because she's my wife and deserves to be treated with utmost love and respect)
drink less coffee than i did yesterday (no coffee on GAPS)
do some activity that makes me move my body
drink at least 64 oz water
drink at least 12 oz broth (another GAPS thing)
eat only GAPS legal food

So, yup.  That's my daily to do list.  I know I won't probably manage to do all these things every day.  But I will try.


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