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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More Promised Help

Dunno if I've mentioned this before.  If I have, you can read it again.  It's short.  A friend gave me a book called Jesus Calling.  It's a little pocket or purse sized devotional book with a different reading for every day of the year.  The author wrote it in the voice of Jesus.  I'm trying to read it, a new little page every day.  And I'm sharing my thoughts and feelings about it with a friend.  Lucky you.   Today I'm sharing it here too. 

So, today's reading is about Jesus shining down Peace to me and surrounding me with His Peace in the sea of problems I face day to day.  It's about being safer the closer I am to Jesus.  It's about simply calling out to Him and getting help. 

To preface, I don't hear the voice of Jesus at all in most of these readings.  For me, if it's any celestial voice, it's more God than Jesus.  I see Jesus as a man, to be regarded highly among men, possibly God-like.  Having Holy.  But separate from God.  I think the Jesus/God distinction is a cultural thing.  In my culture, people often use "Jesus" to mean "God" and to them, it's one in the same, sort of.  I dunno . . . 

I want today’s reading to be true for me.  It seems so simple.  In my current state of mind, I find it insulting, a trick, a hope that is designed to kill.  “When you start to sink, simply call out ‘Help me, Jesus!’ and I will lift you up.”  This is NOT something that my experience tells me is true in the least.  I could call out until my throat is raw and be so focused on some God thing helping me that I forget to survive.  It’s a trick (Luci thiks so too).  

That said, I do like the part of God shining on me and sending Peace.  I can hope for that, maybe (Luci is still sure it’s a trick.  She might be right).  Time will tell. 


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