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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Rilke writes

Your Singing Continues

As swiftly as the world is changing,
like racing clouds,
all that is finished
falls home to the ancient source.

Above the change and the loss,
farther and freer,
your singing continues
god of the lyre.

How can we embrace our sorrows
or learn how to love,
or see what we lose

when we die?  Only your song
over the earth
honors our life and makes it holy.

from Sonnets to Orpheus 1, 19

I like to sing.  Singing is one of the things that coaxed me back to church.  Singing music I like has this unexpected way of lifting me, above the din of my life, above my pain, out of the noise in my head.  I don't always, or even often sound all that great singing.  I don't do it for other people mostly.  I do it for me.  I do it for breath.  I do it for life.  And when I don't sing, I miss it.  So here's a reminder for me.  Sing!  It turns the mundane into the holy.


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